UK 6 Hour Records

corley_new_logoWhilst this event in intended for novices as well as experienced ultrarunners, there are always the competitive types who are interested in records.
A quick look at the DUV shows Helen Taranowski as having run 78.776 km at Les 6 hores en pista, Barcelona in 2012 and holding the overall British women’s record.

Amazingly, Cavin Woodward ran 94.146 km as a split in the 1975 Tipton 100 mile race which was on a track. The World Best Performance belongs to Don Ritchie who ran 97.2 km in 1978 – absolutely phenomenal.

Back on Earth, the Chorley course records set last year were:

Mark Bissell 75.058 km
Gillian Verdin 43.731 km


2 thoughts on “UK 6 Hour Records

    • It has taken a long time for the results to get ratified but finally they are up. This years event will also have a bronze label and any records will be duly submitted.


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