Entrants List Posted

With a week to go before the Chorley 6 Hour Race, the field has filled out with a great mix of runners and there’s still time and room for more.

We are delighted to see three runners return for the second annual event. Mark Bissel who had such a good race last year is back with Les Hill and Geoff Russell who all set records and who no doubt will be looking to improve on those excellent performances.

Multiday runner Adrian MacDermott who took second place at the Foxton 24 hour earlier this year comes to stretch his legs and the Womens winner at the Foxton, Jane Lightfoot, also makes her debut here and with all the women well capable of surpassing the womens course record, its going to be a fascinating event.

The weather forecast is promising for next weekend though we know how much that can change but the temperatures are still very reasonable after a warmer than usual September so hydrate well throughout this week.

If anyone has any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.
Email Stan: stanjewell317@gmail.com
Tel: 01257 415632


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