Chorley 6 Hour Road Race 2017 Organisers Report

Organisers Alan Young and Stan Jewell
Race Director and the Assistant Race Director – the Watchful Eye. Photo by Wendy Edwards

Chorley Organisers Report

The previous week to the 3rd Annual Chorley 6 Hours Road Race was in marked contrast to 2015/6, which were glorious Indian Summer’s, apart from Friday 6th October which was sunny and bright and which gave us a window to mark the course out to a very high standard. However race day on the 7th, the weather returned to high winds and constant rain making for difficult assembling of infrastructure.

This task overcome, everything was in place ready for the race start. Councillor Alistair Morwood addressed the troops alongside local press for a prompt 10 a.m. start.

For many years witnessing many ultras, never have I seen such wet and trying conditions throughout the whole period of the race. So much so, following the race with our manual updating system failed after the third hour – all data too damp to continue – switch over to modern system, What’s My Time’s digital timing gave us complete updates to continue, although not as personal.

Remaining wet and windy, the post-race presentation was hosted by MP Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, Mr Lindsay Hoyle who conversed with knowledge to all runners after their trial over 6 stormy hours.

After all of 30 seconds thought, 2018 is on the calendar, date to be determined giving the upsurge of trail/charity races filling up the future diary.

Chorley is not a frilly fancy event – it is a not for profit race giving all standards of runners the opportunity to achieve, run under authorities laid down rules yet keeping up with modern systems.

Past traditions of ultras are not forgotten and play their part today.

Read the Chorley 6 Hour Race 2017 Report


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