Liverpool Hope University 6 Hour Race 2018 – Race Directors Report

Twenty-six troopers with two absentees assembled for the RUN for HOPE Liverpool 6 Hours Road Race on April 27th 2018.

The weather forecast was for mixed elements. They were wrong rain – there was, constant, from start to finish.

Early stages Mark Bissell/Craig Holgate/John Naylor/Marius Kovacs/Harry Craven showed well with Caroline Mclaughlan, David Barras/Mark McCarthy/ James Love in close attendance.

Mid race saw Mark Bissell show some terrific form although pursued bya fluent display by Craig Holgate with Thorrnton Cleveleys duo Caroline McLaughlan/David Barras and Red Rose Runner John Naylor not far behind.

Throughout Mark continued to dominate until a brilliant last hourby Craig to gain the lead.

Meanwhile Caroline started going through the gears in 3rd place followed by a determined John Naylor. At the allotted 6 hours period Craig Holgate registered 80km-16m in 1st place – a new UK 6 hours road overall men’s performance, amazing in the wet conditions.

Mark Bissell returned 77.655 km, another very impressive completion.

Caroline McLaughlan after a magic last hour and thirty minutes covered66.882 km with the added part lap 66k-663 on initial result. A new v40/45s ladies best UK 6 hours road performance.

John Naylor 3rd man/Marius Kovacs had a good battle 125/124 laps Matthew Page/Harry Craven 122,/120 laps Harry showing signs of a promising future David Barras/Andy Holgate finished 120 laps each John Chester/James Love Nick Nicholson 102/100 laps ran in harmony Jane Lightfoot 2nd lady.

DrAlistair Jewell braved the continuous wet weather 96 laps. Liam Smith 92 not far behind.

Then a host of marathon runners on 85 laps Liane Warren/Roy Young/Malcolm Collins/Mick McCarthy/Chris Bozier/Oggie Winters/ Richard Williams/Allen Green/ Claire Pendery/Hayley Brewis/ with 6 days Hungary bound Adrian MacDermott doing final preparation 75 laps.

Team race was won by Team Holgate with 136km -128m 6 teams finished.

Also a Universities relay race won by Team D 55km-11m 4 teams finished.

Altogether Liverpool Hope University gave a great service to ultrasand the team of students performed brilliantly plus raising much needed funds for Whitechapel Liverpool Homeless and the ongoing Palestine Project.

Thank you Liverpool Hope University, you were special alongsideCraig and Caroline – another little bit of history. Stan


Race Organisers report
Liverpool Hope University 6 Hour Road Race 2018 Results online
The Liverpool Hope University 6 Hour Road Race 2018 Results pdf


Liverpool Hope University 6 Hour Race 2018 – Organisers Report

Late summer of 2017 I was asked to take a look at the facilities regarding hosting a 6 Hours Road Race on campus at the Liverpool Hope University. Having assessed the potential of staging a ultra in 2018   together with the universities consent, it was decided on late April 2018 to run the event. Initially a very good 1km circuit was shelved cause of ground-works on campus.  So not to upset a 501 certified course planned a course of many features without hazards on a good level surface with all amenities for ultra-distance-runners and attendants.

So as the months went by meetings were held, a healthy entry of runners accepted the challenge and we had a race to further benefit the future of ultra-distance-running and to aid the chosen charity funding.

A lunch time start on the day before the race was used for interviews and

videos arranging with various sections of the university a students get-together then finally onto the course circuit to make it ready. Aided by students Laura, Louise and Barbara Jewell, an attractive course was prepared after a night’s sleep in accommodation on campus. Early Friday we began to finalise the race village which was assembled all ready prompt on 10am.

The runners set off on their journey but the Liverpool weather was very unkind rain/rain/rain/ throughout but improvisation was a success due to our experience gained from Chorley 2017 in the incessant rain.

So the 2018 Liverpool was very well accepted and at a lovely presentation arranged by Mr David Sennett hosted by the Dean of Hope University a very interesting good report was narrated for all runners/staff concerned with the event.

Thank you Liverpool, RUN for HOPE was another worthwhile experience.


Race Directors report
Liverpool Hope University 6 Hour Road Race 2018 Results online
The Liverpool Hope University 6 Hour Road Race 2018 Results pdf

Liverpool Hope University 6 Hour Road Race 2018

Run for Hope 6 hour race 2018The Liverpool Hope University 6 Hour Road Race 2018 list of entrants is posted now on the site and we are very excited at the response so far and the quality of the field, yet again.

Both Chorley male and female course record holders, Charlie Sharpe and Caroline McLaughlan will no doubt make their impressions on this inaugural race at Liverpool Hope University.


Run for Hope: 6-hour Individual and Team Race Friday 27th April 2018

Run for Hope is a 6 hour run organised by the Department of Social Work, Care & Justice at Liverpool Hope University. It is being held to raise money for The Whitechapel homelessness project and in aid of supporting a group of young Palestinians to attend the Big Hope 2 conference in June 2018.

The run is open to both serious athletes and those who wish to support the good causes above and have some fun and exercise. The race will take place on the University campus and will be run under UKA laws. We invite everyone to either take part in the run or support/sponsor those who enter.

Entry details

Individual entrants must be a minimum of 20 years of age on the day of the event. Teams of six will run/walk in relays: 1 hour per team member.

Entry fee £30 individual / £60 per team.

We would also expect each team to raise a minimum sponsorship of £150.

The race will begin at 10am and finish at 4pm on Friday 27th April, with registration from 9am. There will be prizes for top individual runners and teams.

Entry forms and further details available from Alistair Jewell

Or enter online @
Please note there is no handling fee for entering through the Hope Store.

Download: Run for Hope Details.pdf


The 2018 Liverpool Hope University 6 Hour Road Race

Liverpool Hope University 6 hour raceThe 2018 Liverpool Hope University 6 Hour Road Race

  • 10:00 am Start
  • The course is a approximately 500 m traffic free loop within the campus
  • Aid table with snacks and drinks
  • The race is set over a 6 hour time limit. The mileage covered in the 6 hour period determines runner placings in the race. Whilst this is not a race with a set distance of 50km, times and positions will be recorded at 50km.

Distances at:

– Standard Marathon Distance – 26m 385yds
– 40 Miles
– 50 miles

Two or more runners from the same club constitutes a team.

Relay Options:

6 hours – 6x Team members running 1x hour each
6 hours – 3x Team members running 2x hours each
6 hours – 2x Team members running 3x hours each


Entry via Racespace