Results 2015



Race Report
The magnificent seven, with three absentees, began the 6 hour journey in Astley Park, Chorley.

A prompt 10am start, with weather conditions favourable for ultra-distance running – cool, dry with overcast sky. Manual lap recorders, First Aid, catering staff all in attendance, along with our camera man Peter, all providing essential input to ultra-distance.

First to show and to remain race leader was Merseyside athlete Mark Bissell, clearing 50K in 3hr 52min 59sec and completing 46 m 1126 yds – 75.058Km over the 6 hours period. Mark displayed terrific consistency throughout, with a very pleasant manner to every person helping on the event.

Early doors also, Carmen Byrne remained constantly within touch of the leader, showing remarkable style and pace. However, shortly before three hours, after covering 22m 755yds – 36.953Km in 2 hr 57min 57 sec, her foot injuries returned and caused her to retire.

Les Hill, Geoff Russell and Mark Helme engaged in a close trio, all 3 maintaining solid runs until the later stages. Les powered on to finish second. Mark gradually overcame Geoff to get third. Geoff ran a blinder until late on.

Gillian Verdin ran in complete control, with other events in mind. But Gillian could do well in the future. Age is on her side.

Brian Emmott turned the clock back for around 3 hours with a splendid effort, only for fatigue to curtail his progress.

Race Results

Position Name Category 50K time 6 hours Km 6 hours Miles
1 Mark Bissell M35 3h-52m-59s 75.058K 46m-1126yds
2 Les Hill M35 4h-28m-30s 63.200K 39m-587yds
3 Mark Helme M50 4h-48m-52s 59.836K 37m-319yds
4 Geoff Russell M65 5h-2m-10s 57.776K 35m-1584yds
5 Gillian Verdin F35 43.731K 27m-306yds
6 Carmen Byrne F35 36.953K 22m-755yds
7 Brian Emmott M65 36.953K 22m-755yds